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Title: Dunsa's Prophecy
Genre: Action Adventure (Zeldalike)
RPG Maker MV


Dunsa's Prophecy is a RPG Maker MV game created with custom event ABS based on The Legend of Zelda with pixel movement. Creating this project i want to be sure that all you need is your skill and not luck. Basically everything is created by combining Script Calls with Events, but i used 3 core scripts what made my life easier. (4 if we count SkipTitle)


It was a warm spring night. All you could hear were crickets and the rustle of leaves driven by a light wind. Caris, sunk in his comforter dreaming, did not expect that that night would change his life ...

Suddenly an alarm started. Vandole Castle was attacked by an unknown enemy. Kain, Caris's father, set out with the rest of the adults to support Mondfred's army. He ordered his son to stay home. Caris, unable to sleep, awaited his father's return. Minutes and hours passed, the sun began to rise, but Kain did not return. The boy had a bad feeling about this. Although he was terrified, he picked up his father's old bow and decided to go to the castle to look for his him...

(Game mechanics)

To your disposal you will have:

Close range combat

Basic attack that don't need any kind of ammunition. For now you can attack all you want, but I'll consider adding stamina in later phase.


A ranged weapon that will allow us to defeat enemies without the need to approach larger groups.
This weapon, however, will have a limited number of arrows that we can buy from merchants, find after defeating opponents or destroying dense grass / flowers.
In addition, it will allow us to control switches at a distance during puzzles.


Jump back 2 squares in the opposite direction to the one we're currently looking at.
A helpful skill while escaping the opponent's attack or when we are surrounded by a larger group.

Flowers and dense grass - you won't be able to add this in your CV as your life achievement, but you can get extra health, money or arrows by simply destroying it.
Bushes can also be destroyed with bow and bombs.


Speaking of explosives.
Thanks to them, the player will be able to get to previously inaccessible places, where he will be able to find chests with potions, money and even additional items.

You can use explosives not only to destroy walls, but to fight as well. Explosion hits every opponent in a 2.5 (1 block = 48x48 pixels) blocks range.

However, you must be careful not to fall victim to your own weapons, because the bombs also affect you!

It's up to you how you beat your opponent!

Few things i want to add in future:
- Magic in the form of area spells,
- swimming,
- Puzzles - pushing all sorts of things, switches etc.
- Boss fights (each boss has with different technique),
- Sprint, which relies on our stamina.

Used Scripts:
Altimit Movement 0.50 beta
Galv's Map Projectiles
Self Switches & Variables (YEP)
Yami SkipTitle

Graphics mainly from Time Fantasy packages, however the graphics of the main character come from the game Secret of Mana. I am also considering using Pixel Myth: Germania.


I know this is not much, but I hope that the information I provided here will encourage you to follow my project. The planned release date is 2020. Why didn't I give any specific date? Well, because I'm not sure if I will be able to keep it.


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I look forward to receiving more information about the project. Good luck :)

Game looks really interesting. I look forward to play it!