Attack = Space,
Parry = D,
Dodge = Shift while running,
Locked dodge = Hold shift and press direction,

Perform a perfect dodge to slow down time for a while.
Block enemy's attacks to stop them for a while.

- Sword hits slow, but hard - it reaches 3 spaces - can be used to parry enemies attacks and you can dodge with it 2 spaces,
- Dagger hits fast, but does not do much damage - hits one space in front of player - cannot be used to parry, cuz it's too short - dodge 2 spaces. 
- Spear hits with medium speed and does medium damage - attacks 2 spaces in front of player - can be used to parry, but you can only dodge 1 space with it. 

All weapons have it's pros and cons, so player can decide how he wants to play. 

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